Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lapazimageing Savvy Street Style Edition!

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Meah: Senior Editor

Photographer: Sonya LaRae


We’re always out looking for individuals that we feel, Rock their individual style and takes fashion in a direction that is almost and artistry. I had the great privilege of hanging out with my Cousin who is just fabulous, she takes me to this Gooorgeous Spa/Nail Salon (Villanova Spa&Nails, 795 E. Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA 19085). Let me just tell you, this Spa/Nail Salon is different from any Spa/Nail salon that I’ve visited in the Philadelphia area. First and for most you walk in; and its open and bright, they have these Parsons chairs that I swear you would want to steal and place in your home, I have to let you see them before we move on:

IMAG0631 The other thing that I love in regards to Villanova Spa & Nails, is that there was Absolutely NO smell, because this shop owner really has invested in a good vitalization system. I love that they offer Custom Herbal treatments for your hands and feet and can get customized mixed blends for you, as you wait for your Technician. My real reason I wanted to visit my Cousins salon is, I wanted to try this Fabulous new techniques; which is the Gel Nail Polish. As I’m sitting in the waiting area, this really-Stunning-California kind of sun-kissed girl comes walking up and I couldn’t resists to ask if she wouldn’t mind if I did a light interview and have her as our face of this edition of Lapazimageings’ Savvy Street Style Edition.  

Caitlyn B of Villanova, PA is the Receptionist/Greeter of the Salon and they couldn’t have a better more professional and beautiful person. The thing that caught my attention with Caitlyn’s style was, she looked a little artsy with a touch of whimsy and pulled all together just down right sheek. I just have to let you all see our Fabulous Caitlyn this Gorgeous little styled bird(You’ll see why we called her this):

IMAG0637 IMAG0638 IMAG0632Caitlyn is just this amazing bright person and her style fits her spirit, free and eclectic. I said to Caitlyn, that I thought she was like a bird that was very free and low and behold she has this beautiful tattoo on her foot that just said everything better than I could put into words:


We wanted to find out what Style means to her, who influenced her when it comes to her must haves and the idea of fashion, is she in school, what is she studying? Caitlyn, states that her style is a little of everything; from boho, punk, modern, vintage you name it as long as it looks good with each other and has a way of making a real statement or speaking to my soul I’m going to be wearing it. Caitlyn, also feels that fashion is a great way of expressing yourself and how it can inspire others as well as makes statements about ones own self without saying anything means so much to her. This young Fashionista, has a lot going for herself not only her Fabulous looks and killer sense of style but, she’s also a student at LaSalle University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Music. Caitlyn is Gorgeous, Bright and very Fashion Forward and we’re honored to have her be our face of “Lapazimageing Savvy Street Style Edition.” 


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