Thursday, May 17, 2012

OMG! Stars Style that 360’d!

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Article by: Sonya LaRae

You know many times we’re thinking where is and then the person is some star from the 80’s or 90’s but, this time it was more like where did Ke$ha go? Well, folks get ready to be shocked just as much as we were shocked, because if we didn’t know Ke$ha, trust us you wouldn’t know Ke$ha!! She Shocked everyone at the 60th Annual BMI Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday, May 16th. I mean yes the stars were out but who cares when you see this photo because she is making a statement, up staging anyone that I might have thought to bring to you all and she did it so smoothly that it just left everyone buzzing:

Ke$haI know pick yourself up-off the floor; the normal grungy unkempt and messy Rock Star didn’t show up the other night, and trust us she was MIA for the whole evening. We saw Ke$ha with her tresses (hair) beautifully pulled over in a side swept style with a gold thread headband, soft elegant makeup with a pop of color on her lips like fresh cherries, then the to die for Black/gold asymmetric dress with black peep-toe shoes and black clutch (Shut the Front Door!), this is a very sexy grown up look for Ke$ha and I think we really love it!! This look is really faaaaaarrrr from where she comes from if you just recall the look of her Red Carpet bash reviews:

Ke$ha1We put this question out to all of you Fabulous Fashion Savvy LaPazions; which style do you like best? The Sexy, not too over stated Rock Star or The over the Top breaking the rules never making the top 10 of the best dressed? Let us know we cannot wait to hear what you all think and have to say regarding this Makeover!!

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