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The Met Ball is normally so Extravagant, lavish, glamorous but, this time its much more of Déjà Vu and low points in fashion, style and Couture Haute:

With this being put out into the air for you all we just have to say we hope you enjoy our Red Carpet coverage; and we start this Red Carpet review off with the Woman that has been recently named Via People Magazine as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!” Ms. Beyonce Knowles-Carter who wore Givenchy Haute Couture sheer lace and embellished gown with purple highlighting feathers on the train:

Beyonce rear Beyonce

Okay, we know that you just had a baby 3 1/2 months ago, but this gown felt so wrong for her body and the skin tone mesh underneath wasn’t the right color and it looked like she was wearing a One-zee then it was very reminiscent of her Met Gala outfit from 2011 you know the Pucci gown, you don’t remember let me give you a refresher:

Beyonce Split in PucciI’m going to say this is look does nothing for her and the hair and makeup was just too safe and very plain jane. We have to say the named “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” should have gone in a different direction but, hey there is always next year.. Now Coco Rocha also wore a vintage Givenchy pant suit, which was very 1050’s and I loved how she just made this very retro paint suite modern by having the pink hair and the shoes I just loved this look and thought it was simple but elegant. CocoWhy I love the Met Gala so much is its not about so much of the celebs of what they want to wear its more about what the Designers and the Stylist have in mind for the celebrity, which bring us to this truly amazing Designer who looked just gorgeous in her own gown and the color complimented her skin tone. We give you the amazing, breathtaking and such a wonderful Icon in the fashion industry Ms. Diane Von Furstenberg:

Diane Von FurstenbergDiane, just exudes such elegance and confidence and if I could change anything it would be the gloves I really don’t think she needed the gloves they looked a little to big on her but, it gave the gown a little extra push. Next on the Red Carpet was Florence Welch, who wore and Alexander McQueen gown. I am a true fan of Alexander McQueen, but I’m sorry this gown didn’t really get me that excited at all and it look as if it didn’t really fit Florence properly in the bust. What do you all think?  

Florence Welch-McQueen

OMG! Did you see Chloe Savigny in Prada? First things first where is the dress? Did she run out of close and have to sow coasters together and then just prey she could place them in the right area to cover up the Naughty parts (That’s taken from Catherine from Dancing with the Stars). I don’t like anything about this look and I think in all honesty, I was surprised that this was Prada, because it was just not anything I thought they would present but, then again a lot of times the Designers go with the energy and personality of the person they are working with, so may be this is her personality (Can I get you a drink?)

Chloe Sevigny-PradaNow this next pair really gave me a shock when I saw them, and then it kind of gave me a little insight on why QVC models and host are styled not lets see how do I say this nicely? Sometimes you just wonder what direction they are taking with the direction with there wardrobe when we saw Lisa Robertson (QVC air personal) and Lori Goldstein (Stylist). This pair really look very happy on the Red Carpet, I was so distracted that we forgot to ask who they were wearing:

Lisa Robertson and Lori GoldsteinI was so shocked to see Rachel Zoe on the Red Carpet with Karolina Kurkova who by they way wore Rachel Zoe. If you didn’t tell me this was Rachel Zoe I wouldn’t have known because she look nothing like herself. Karolina looked just beautiful in this gown the head dressing really needed to be kicked to the side because, it isn’t a look that goes with this gown. This gown was so glamorous, that you would think that Rachel, just pored this dress over Karolina’s body:

Rachel Zoe and Karolina Kurkova  Oh Wow! Stunning Socialista (Italian) Bianca Brandolini D’Adda is on the Red Carpet looked to beautiful in this Golden Goddess gown by Dolce & Gabbana. This gown weighed a little over 22lbs and the jewels along the neckline and the belt are to die for. Bianca looked just fabulous in the cape coat and the gown this strapless gown just complimented her body 100%:

Bianca Brandolini DAdda Hold the Presses-Unplug the Phones and did you get the Memo that Rosario Dawson looks smoking HOT!! I don’t know what she has been doing but, she look great and her body in this black Calvin Klien gown that seems to just hug her body. I loved her hair and makeup it just complimented the look:

Rosario DawsonSarah Jessica Parker has a great sense of style and she always looks amazing in her style choices; but this gown by Valentino just isn’t it. I don’t like the pattern the bow in the front of the gown and the dress looks like its overwhelming her and that there is so much fabric that she has to keep it bold up in her hands all night just so she does not fall over the gown all night long:

Sarah Jessica Parker This next celebrity must not have received the same invitation that all of us got, that this is the Met Gala, you know the Metropolitan Ball hosted by Anna Wintour of Vogue. That brings us to Gwyneth Paltrow who wore Prada but, it looked like she borrowed her little sisters dress, it was too short and the back was just not there and we also had side boob, loved the shoes that was the best part of the dress. For me Prada has struck a sour note twice this evening,  I just really thought they would have gone a little more glamorous and elegant but, it is what it is:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Wait is that Christina Ricci wearing Thakoon? I think she look so pretty in this black lattice gown with the pink big bow, Christina always has the classic look and does it so well, she kind of reminds you of a young Audrey Hepburn and just look regale: 

Christina Ricci - Thakoon

Well Marc Jacobs just showed up and is on the Red Carpet with his on-again-off-again boyfriend Lorenzo Martone. I know this season is big with sheer see through and lace but, I honestly think Mark took this so to the left with this dress, and we all know he loves wearing dresses but this look by Commes des Garcons, then you look at the shoes with this look and it just did nothing for him and I have to say this look is such a fashion DON’T:

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone


This was such a star studded evening and all of the celebrities that attended did there best to look gorgeous and some did just that and other the jury is still out with them. I always hope that you all enjoyed our coverage and there are so many others that attended that we didn’t get to put into this article but, if you LIKE our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/lapazimageing you can see the rest of our photos from Met Ball and other fabulous events that we cover/covered during the season.

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