Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has Sprung and Blossoms are Everywhere!

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The weather has taken a major change and it’s time for the beautiful flowers to blossom. We’re not just speaking of blossoming outdoors,

ssish We’re speaking of fashions for the Spring/Summer season. We saw all over the runways the floral prints that have caught the eye of so many and I love the way that they are bringing them forth for all of us to rock, and you don’t have to look like you just bloomed but, you can look regal, classy and elegant in this seasons floral designs. We couldn’t help but take notice of these great floral trends that we think will help you along your pathway, even rocking them for formal affairs:

hue alyce  Green floral1You see you can rock this trend without looking like you just exploded in a flower shop, and the trend is elegant and tasteful. I thought when we started this article we was going to really find it hard to find the right kind of pattern such as what was on the runways, but in all honesty we didn’t really think we would find floral that didn’t just feel heavy and overwhelming, how wrong were we!! I mean it seemed like ever store from Macy’s to the little shops along the way had some sort of floral print-pattern and it just was refreshing, soft and bold and carried them in all sorts of colors. This made us start to look at this trend now for our casual girls and what was offered to them and let me just say I think you will be pleasantly pleased, ranging from friendly budget finds $15.99 Old Navy to $140.00 some of your finer stores:

flo6 floral dress flo2 flo4The floral trend isn’t just for clothing it also looks fabulous on handbags and shoes:

river island stilletto Floral heal side view llki Prada floral1 Prade2 

 I know this is just to cute for words and such a great little feminine touch for the season, but, ladies make sure your careful on how you rock this trend don’t over do the floral trend. Meaning, do not put the floral shoes-floral dress-floral pocketbook and in some cases the hosiery, it will be overkill and will also be a true Fashion DON’T!! Try being subtle, like if you have the cute little floral dress, try pairing it with solids and pick a color from the pattern to give Pop to your handbag or shoes this will look Gorgeous and not overwhelming. Its always how you put the trend into action that will make you look great! Try Rocking the look we put together: Black slacks-Robert Cavalli Floral Print top-Solid Green Carmen Handbag and Black Steve Madden Shoe which is trendy and smart for the season:

 Now that we’ve told you about the hot Floral trend for this season, allow yourself to go and blossom and see how cute you can make this hot trend and please as we always ask, do feel free to email us your looks to and we will share you look with our readers, followers and email subscribers plus our Facebook family. 

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