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DIY Nail Art “Sprinkles”

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We know many times we go to the nail salon and they do these Fabulous elaborate and stunning little designs on our fingers and we just wish we could do some of these ourselves, but we wanted to come up with a cute little design that you can rock either for summer or Fall but, more so just having fun and doing it YOURSELF! With all of this being stated we give you what we like to call SPRINKLES:


Let us walk you through step by step; this way you’ll be able to recreate or even create another version of Sprinkles and share with us. Let’s start by giving you the list of things you will need to start this little DIY project:

1. Clear Base Coat Polish

2. White Nail Polish for Background

3. Several Tooth Picks

4. Multiple Colors for the Sprinkles:

Purple, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange

5. Wax Paper: This way you can make droplets of Selected Nail Polish

You can select other colors that may look better on your skin tone as many of us in the office opted to do. Anyway lets get things Started off:

1st: clean nails and make sure you have filed your nails

2nd: Apply the clear coat Use any clear polish that you use on your nails, then allow it to dry completely (This is a Very IMPORTANT step)  Once that clear coat has dried complete

3rd: Apply the first coat of White nail polish and allow it to dry completely prior to apply the second coat:

IMAG0523 IMAG0521 Now we are going to start applying the sprinkles, which we suggest that you use the back end of a cocktail toothpick for this step:

IMAG05404th: Select whichever color you are going to make you first dollop onto your parchment paper. Once you have selected your color your going to make a small droplet onto the parchment paper so you can start the process of making your Sprinkles:

IMAG0541 IMAG0526Your going to take your toothpick now and dip it into the dollop of polish and don’t over dip because you don’t want to make a mess or have it to heavy, for when you make your first dot onto your white nail polish for your first sprinkle and you are going to make random dots about 3 to 5 or as many you would like to make onto the base pallet:

IMAG05495th: Your going to do another dollop of your nail polish in another color to apply to the nail and you don’t have to have a set pattern just as long as you know your going to fill the nail with color to accomplish the DIY Sprinkle:

IMAG0550 IMAG0527 IMAG0545 

 6th: Basically this is going to be the duplicate of all the other techniques that you’ve done in the 4th and 5th instruction. You’re going to keep placing the polish onto the white background until you have no other space to place a dot of polish. Only thing, you must make sure when you’re placing the polish or the sprinkles in a very neat fashion or you’ll have a pure mess on your hands:


IMAG0534Now that you have completely finished and your nails looks just beautiful and you have the sprinkles all in place and they have dried completely you will add a top coat of glitter or confetti to your nails to give a beautiful shimmer:

IMAG0532  We hope that you enjoyed this DIY Nail Art “Sprinkles” we’ve had the pleasure of wearing this look for this past two days and the feedback has been wonderful and many ladies are interested in knowing how to do this cute little style to their Nails. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this cute DIY Nail Art “Sprinkle”! Will you be adding this to your collection of must haves or is this something that is a must not?

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