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Pregnant and Perfectly Fashionable!

Okay you just found out your pregnant and it’s a wonderful thing and filled with a lot of emotions and feeling! Then you realize you have a fabulous wardrobe currently; but in a few months your body-shape is going to go through some MAJOR changes. Does this mean now your going to have to stop being so fashionable and start wearing baggy shirts, sweat pants and ugly shoes?! NO Never That! Lades you no longer have to worry about not looking as fashionable or elegant as you use to.

There are so many great maternity fashions out here as we saw on the runways with Bethany Frankel when she took center stage for the Red Dress for Heart Awareness at the 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Bethany looked beautiful and confident and was showing off her baby bump. Ladies there are so many great fashion out here and just to name a few there is H&M which introduced its new Maternity collection for 2009-Autumn and 2010-Winter. They are very stylish and fashionable; you will look good and feel great!

This is a great look from the H&M collection
Then you know Nicole Richie has done a collection for the Pea in the Pod. Her collection has beautiful patterns and colors and celebrates the baby bump. She has made her collection a little eclectic or Bohemian and stylish for the young professional or the very fashion forward mom-to-be. Her style is for comfort and feeling sexy no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.

I don’t want you to forget that even though your pregnant you still have beautiful legs and a nice pair of leggings with a really cute baby doll top will look fabulous on you and will give you a little shape. One thing that most women don’t realize even if you get pregnant your legs never gain weight and neither do your shoulders. You gain a beautiful bust line and curves that are to die for! Celebrate you pregnancy enjoy your baby bump and rock some of the hottest fashion that are out in the stores for mommies to be!

We have five (5) Great Tips for you to also keep in mind:

1. Invest in Maternity Wear:
    Ladies just as you have invested in your wardrobes now don’t be afraid to do the   same when you’re pregnant. You want to always look and feel as beautiful and confident as you did when you weren’t pregnant and you should be ready to enjoy your new baby bump and curves.

2. Embrace you Maternity Stores:
   They really aren’t that bad any more like we mentioned above H&M, Pea in The Pod,, and many, many more have some great looks here are two fabulous looks:

Isabella Oliver (found online)
3. Give and Take:
    Make sure the fabrics you choose has a little give to them; think of knits, woven fabrics or Lycra. Don’t be afraid to wear some outfits with a little structure as well cause you want to show off your curves and give yourself a little definition.

4. Proportions:
     Remember when your accessorizing your outfits they should be larger or they will get lost. You have to remember that you have the best accessory going on which are the baby bump, fuller boobs and maybe heavier hips and buttocks. Choose dramatic pieces, like a large handbag, scarves or chunky jewelry (side note: if your bust has  become very large don’t but anything that stops on top of your bust because it will draw more attention to them) this will balance your look. Don’t be scared to POP-Color! Do this with your earrings, lipstick or make a dramatic eye but don’t over due the eye makeup if you’re tired you don’t want to look like a raccoon. When you have bright colored earrings on it draws the attention to your face and away from other areas you may not want those to notice or better yet draw attention to your feet with a great pair of shoes that are in a gorgeous shade like these!                                           

5. Shape- Shifting:
     It can be very hard to find outfits that give shape instead of the boxy-look. V-Necks are wonderful ways of creating the illusion of a longer neck and giving you a great line. Then there is the Empire-waist tops and baby dolls that look great when you’re pregnant. Here is a great example of a good look V-Neck top:

We want to remind you of a few stores that sell great maternity clothes as well:

Target: They have a wide selection and sizes

H&M: Very fashion forward

Pea in the Pod: eclectic or Bohemian They have a little bit of everything for all styles and taste

Isabella Oliver: Very modern and clean lines

These are our fabulous tips for our Mommies-to-be and we would love to hear and see what you’re rocking; send us some photos of your fabulous pregnancy wear to and in the subject line place Fabulous Maternity Wear!

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