Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dressing Age Appropriate – Such a Touchy subject?!

I know that when I make this statement it may or may not go over very well but; I believe in age-appropriate dressing. Now this is just one Stylist opinions so don’t shoot the messenger!! After a certain age, some styles and looks just don’t work, irrespective of body-type. This doesn’t always go over well when I’m working with some of my clients. Women often feel unfairly judged and even insulted by the suggestion that they are too old to wear certain things.

For me, adapting your style to your age is no different to dressing for your body-type, or your fashion persona, or your lifestyle. I mean every so often we revamp our style to up-date our look and wardrobe it is the same thing as dressing age appropriate. It is so important for each person to really know their particular body-type and how the body has changed. Newsflash “It is so true that the body does a 360 after a certain age”. Once you hit a certain age unfortunately things change it is apart of the “maturity” of the body let’s just say it that way. For me it certainly doesn’t mean that women have to become more conservative and less adventurous as they get older.

I LOVE to encourage my clients in their 40’s and older to dress more youthful, adopt suitable fashion trends and stay looking hip cool and sophisticated until they’re 100. Then we will cross the next hurtle at that point. The thing is most women in their 40’s still have so much life and energy that dressing like some kind of little old lady is out of the question!! The point is this maybe before you could wear the miniskirt and look great and ultra sexy but now maybe not so much don’t be afraid to lower the hemline I don’t mean down to your ankles but maybe just above the knees. It is all about knowing what will compliment your body-type and covering the little flaws that you notice; that will keep you looking fresh, sexy and oh yeah “Age Appropriate”.

Here is another point to consider when you think about this point think back to when you where let’s say 10 years old you couldn’t wear what your 17 year old sister was wearing and when you was 17 you couldn’t wear what your 25 year old sister was wearing well that rule still applies at age 40 and above. Remember each age has there own particular style that complements that age group and what will make you always age appropriate in your attire.

This is my take on this age-old topic and I look forward to hearing your opinions on this subject. Do you think there is such a thing as “Age Appropriate Attire”?

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