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Designer Extraordinaire!

Hackney Working on Collection I had the great pleasure of interviewing Theo Hackney of Theo Courtnay New York. I have to tell you from the moment he started to speak he just captivated me! He gave us a peek into his world from concept, direction, inspiration and where he sees the direction of his wonderful fashions design going. This designer is so Fashion Forward and he embodies ever aspect of the word Couture! He designs with a passion for the everyday women and the intense flair of the city; Theo Hackney is introducing to the American public the standards of the European standards of perfection with it all being manufactured right here in the US. Theo Hackney the man behind the label:
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LFF: Theo thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this Fashion Interview: Tell me a little about yourself where are you originally from?
TH: I was born and raised in the Bronx I guess you could say; I’m a native New Yorker. After High School I went into the Army Reserves then from their attended college at Bernard M. Baruch College and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and minored in Finance. From this point I got a job as an Intern at a Financial Company but ended up hearing about a position at a very well known department store, which I took the position in Vendor Relations then later on I went into Retail Management.
LFF: In reading your Bio I noticed that you have your Bachelor Degree in Finance Management-Did you also go back to school for your degree in Fashion Design?
TH: I did go back to school at FIT but for Textile design, and then I also did several Continuing Educational Courses.
LFF: What inspired you to launch your own line after having such a lucrative career in Retail management with some of the top named stores in business today?
TH: Honestly Sonya; it was my sister-in-law- I had received a very well known designers luggage for either my birthday or Christmas and my sister in law and I was having a heavy discussion regarding Quality-vs-Quantity and she ripped this tiny tag out of the bottom of the luggage and asked me to read what it said and it stated “ROC”. She asked did I know what that meant and I said no. Republic of China she stated most of Americans are buying products that are produced not here in the United States but over seas. She stated if I really wanted to be in this industry I really need to educate myself and learn this business and that is kind of it and then on top of everything else I was kind of hitting that proverbial glass ceiling in Retail Management. I ended up contacting an agency which helped me put together my Industry Resume and I ended up getting a position in a “Sample Room” where First Run Production Samples are made and that just bloomed into more.
LFF: Which we are so happy; now how long did it take you to put your collection and production team together?
TH: EIGHT Years!
LFF: Wow!
TH: Yes it took eight years but Sonya let me help you to understand many designers out here put Couture on there labels but; true Couture takes anywhere from 180-200 steps to create one garment that is all hand sown. It takes time and being that the Fashion Industry and Manufacturing that is and was done here has changed so much in this economy and wanting excellent quality as what is being manufactured in Europe but here in New York has been somewhat of a challenge.
LFF: Well that is very understandable; how hands on are you with all the elements of your collection?
TH: (laughed) I wear all the different element hats, caps, hair whatever I’m apart of it (not literally) I’m truly hands on with every aspect of my collection and designs.
LFF: Your collection for 2010 was breath taking and really celebrated the woman’s silhouette.

TH: Thank you so much I’m glad you took notice of this I design for the women with children that want to look fabulous but still have the spill-proof fabrics and clothing that is balanced for well-living meaning that it is versatile to any life style. I want to make a very cohesive collection that it can mix and match with anything and you don’t have to spend hours in front of your closets trying to figure things out my tops can be paired with a pair of our slacks or a skirt and jacket it is multi-functional.
LFF: I have to say that I love that element in your collection and that you also aren’t afraid to use colors and different patterns in your collection.
TH: Not at all I love colors and textures
LFF: Theo what can we look forward to with your Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection?
TH: Well coming collection is celebrating the colors and textures of Africa. I don’t mean like how you see things in the main stream of manufacturing such as the Kente cloth or dashiki’s I’m speaking more of the colors of the reds from the Masai taking the influences of the wheat color from off the plains the collection is named “Urban Safari” Out of Africa.
LFF: That just sounds so spectacular and I’m just so excited to see the sneak peak! Now when do you think you will be ready to show the collection?
TH: We are getting ready for some showing by as soon as next week.
LFF: Are you also going to be showing at the Mercedes Benz Open?
TH: No not this year we aren’t going to be in the show but we will be doing some venues elsewhere.

LFF: Please keep me posted on where, Theo how do the sizes run?
TH: Sonya as I stated I design for the American woman and so like a size 4 will fit a size 6 and a size 14 will fit a size 16. European sizes run much smaller than most American women and they don’t design for the contours of the American woman’s body.
LFF: That is Fabulous, and what is the price range?
TH: Well starting out from like $130.00-$3000 for our high-end evening wear and other Couture items, we also do custom designs as well.
LFF: Where can our readers buy your most fabulous collection?

TH: They can either buy directly from Theo Courtnay New York (http://www.theocourtnaynewyorkonline.com/) or visit our E-commerce at: www.smashingdarling.com
LFF: Theo I cannot begin to tell you what a real pleasure this has been and please you must tell us when and where you will be showing.
TH: I will and thank you!
Theo Hackney is a true visionary and has thought of such a breath taking collection that is about the American public and having styles that can fit anyone’s lifestyle. Theo also has a men’s line that is just as breath taking and very well structured.
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