Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comfortable High Heels: An Oxymoron?

I guess you all are thinking what are you talking about we all know that high heels aren’t comfortable! Well I decided to write this article after receiving from one of our readers and article that was posted on Shine which is apart of Yahoo. Their journalist Joanna Douglas did a piece on “Dangerous high heels: Women’s Shoes Reach Hazardous Heights during the Recession.”

When I was reading this article that Ms. Douglas wrote made me stop and think and it raised a few flags for me as a stylist. In her article she stated that we “Stylist” push people or ladies into thinking that the higher the heel the better and we don’t stop to think about the consequences. Well I thought to myself that is not the case at all if you think of this fact most women in the United States of America cannot walk in a 5-inch heel. I know that may or may not sound true but that is the case. Most women are doing there best in just a 3-inch heel and some cannot seem to even balance that which is why they have made flat shoes (which use to be ugly) now they make very cute styles in a flat. Then there are a small percentage of women like myself that cannot live with out the 5-51/2-inch heels. My motto is the higher the better!! With that being said do I worry about my feet and what is taking place with my feet? Well of Course!!

My true Shoe Fashionistas I have something that is going to change your life and view of high heels and that is the shoes that Cole Haan and Nike have partnered up to make. I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable these shoes are and how sexy they are. For some of you who don’t know the designer Cole Haan here is a little background on them. Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan established or founded their company in Chicago, IL in 1928. They were dedicated to such style and perfection in men’s wear but decided to branch out into other areas such a women’s apparel and footwear… Thank you Cole Haan!!

Now back to what I was telling you regarding a comfortable high heel.. They have teamed up with Nike and utilized the Nike Air Cushioning. Now you are able to really wear your high heel shoes all day and feel like you have on a sneaker. I cannot begin to tell you how great they are even Oprah swears by them and we all know how Oprah is always looking for shoes that aren’t just nice to sit in.

The collection is offers a wide variety of styles like boots, wedges, platforms, pumps, Mary Jane and sling backs. I have several pair and I mean they are truly comfortable and they contour to your foot and they look fabulous they aren’t ugly shoes cause most things that are comfortable aren’t really sexy well tell me what you think:

They are really beautiful, sexy and comfortable shoes!! Now the Cole Haan Nike collection runs about $275 with the boots being a little more expensive like $300-$400 range but if you go to the website for Cole Haan you can find them on sale around $170 and up. Now I know this may sound a bit pricey but shoes are a lot like transportation- They get you from point A to B and if you can go without pain or discomfort it is a great investment into your footwear. Now if that is just a bit much for your budget look at Aerosols and Easy Spirit they have been making comfortable fashionable high heels for a long time. One other tip that I like to give you is to invest in a good pair of inserts for your shoes they may run you $4-$30 depending on your foot need you can go to any good department store and the key word here is “GOOD”. Inserts can be shaped to your particular foot shape and aide in the support and comfort of your shoes.

One thing that Joanne Douglas Journalist of Shine didn’t tell you about us stylist, is this we work with our clients to make them feel their best at all times and if you aren’t a high heel girl and you cannot pull of the high heels we will get you into a shoe that will make you feel just as sexy as the woman with the stilettos.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you see anything such as this topic or have any opinions regarding this topic please feel free to post your comments or send us your questions.

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