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Understanding Body-Types: Pear Shape (part 1)

Pear Shape

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Hello LaPazions, I guess many of you are wondering why we started with this particular body-type? It’s very simple, with the new craze of the ample and fuller bottom and, the celebration of all things bootylicious seems to be a great place to start to get a good understanding of how to dress this particular body-shape.

Pear Shape= Widest part of your body is below the waist around your hips and bottom- You can be small, short, full-figured or thin, but, if your hips are wider than your shoulders you are a pear-shape:PearLadies don’t be upset because you just happen to be in good company with some of the most fabulous celebrities that are also pear-shaped; from Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, BeyoncĂ© to Kelly Clarkson to just name a few:Celebs with Pear ShapesNow let’s get into the meat of this article what are the tricks in dressing this particular body-type? You want to elongate your figure to draw attention away from the heaviest part of your body aka your hips and butt We have to balance your hips and shoulders while celebrating your curves-We want to draw eyes upwards.

You should think about wearing things that are darker and more slimming on the bottom i.e. dark jeans, pants, dark knee-length pencil skirts (P.S. I’m not telling you-you are doomed to a life of all black and boringness). You need to remember to just wear solid colors and fantastic tops that bring attention to your face Next tip your tops shouldn’t end at your hips because, it will make you look heavier.

Jackets: are your friend-Why? They have a fabulous structure and silhouette, your jackets you choose should end past your hips-not at your hips.

Tunic tops and Dresses: will bring attention upwards-don’t wear any that are too tight or cling to your stomach or hips. One thing about this style is it will accentuate your arms, upper body and will make you look leaner. 

Cold Shoulder Tops: this will look great and give a little sexy. These tops show off one of the sexiest areas on a woman’s body and most women can rock this look. These tops immediately draws attention upward and are very eye-catching.

These are just a few simple tips in dressing this particular body-type and how to look fabulous at all times no matter what you’re wearing.

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