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Understanding Body-Types: Apple Shape (part 2)

Apple Shape

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Hello LaPazions, here is part two of our “Understanding Your Body-type.” We want to celebrate all body-types so we’re going to take each one step-by-step and give you a few pointers that will help you out when, you start building or revamping your wardrobe.

Apple Shape=You have no defined waistline, weight tends to form on the stomach or mid-section. Many ladies think this is only a plus issue but, that isn’t the case and there are several celebs that share this particular body-type:Celebs with Apple ShapesHonestly, the apple shaped body-type isn’t the easiest shape to dress. Many make the mistake to cover-cover, layer and wear very lose fitting garments which; in many instances only makes for a heavier appearance and gives no definition to your body-shape.

Let’s get into a few tricks that can help you when dressing your apple-body shape. You want to create the illusion of having a defined waistline- You’ll want to wear clothes in a way that makes your mid-section narrower. This will help you achieve a proportional body shape and visually take 10 pounds off your figure.

Belts: You should think about adding a great belt to your wardrobe. Dark colored wide belts that have a little detail to them but, remember if you are very full and heavy around the waist, a wide belt made out of stretch material is recommended.

Dresses & Tops: That skim past over your midsection but; nip right below your bust such as: empire, long tops, tunic shirts- lift your chest and make your waist look trimmer.

Shapewear: Ladies this area is very important because, you want to give definition and trick the eye- You should really invest in a good waist cinchers, believe it or not this investment will do the trick in an instant,  giving you the well defined waistline and reshaping- Purchase a very good push-up bra that will lift and raise your bust and give the separation and elongate your body-shape.

Jackets: Preferably hip-length to skim past your mid-section and balance out your frame. Buttons should be below the bust to trim your waist. Also, nipped waist, V-shaped lapels, and a V-neckline look best on you.
Also make sure that your jackets are single-breasted. Too much details such as double breasts accentuate your midsection and will make you look bulky.

These are just a few simple tips and if you’d like more information regarding how to dress your “Apple” shaped body-type.

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