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My Grey is Trending

My Grey is Beautiful

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Hello LaPazions, I know when you think of grey hair you may have a vision of a more mature, wise woman:RitaMature beauty

Well, I have a newsflash for all of you; that just isn’t the case at all.. Today, I was in my salon getting my hair done (mind you I came to get my hair colored to hide my grey that I’ve had since I was 18 years of age) and this young woman who was only 27 came in to get her colored, and by the way she wanted it to be grey.. I think I almost went into shock for a split second, and then I remembered what a major trend this  has been on the runways season and part of last season, and with celebrities.  I thought I do my own research and find out exactly what it would take to go grey, so I interviewed my Stylist (Luciana) said oh, this is a big job takes about 5 plus hours because, we have to dye the hair like a yellow (side note: you know that they are probably stripping the hair) then we have to apply the base color which sits for a moment and last, we do the secondary color which boost the grey.. I’m like WOW!! Next jaw dropping thing is the price depending on what you need and the process- it can go from $700+.. Yup you read that correctly ladies $700 that you basically can wait to have nature do its thing and you grey with age and time but, then you’ll want to dye the life out of beautiful natural grey hair, to make it black or blonde, red something other than grey. 

Here are a few celebs that have been on the “grey” train and the looks they rocked:

The title of the photos isn’t meant to be rude but, this is what this style/trend is being called but, as you can see clearly this has nothing to do with grannies at all. I personally cannot say this is a look that I will be or would be willing to try anytime soon but, if this is for you-please make sure you wear colors that compliment your skin tone and don’t make your makeup harsh.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and if you’ve donned this trend we’d love to see your pictures!

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