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Red Carpet Review 2015 SAG Awards

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Article by: Diane Gregory-Sr. Fashion/Style Journalist, Certified Image Consultant

Good Evening LaPazions, many of you may or may not be thinking about the SAG Awards because; let’s just be honest they can be forgotten between the Golden Globes and the Oscars it’s very easy to forget the SAG’s. Anyway as you know the whose-who comes out for these awards and they are highly anticipated by so many in the media industry. I want to start off with my favorite red carpet moment and it came via Lupita:Lupita Nyong'o in Elie SaabLupita Nyong’o looked totally stunning in this Eli Saab gown. the fabric choice and color was gorg against her beautiful skin. This was by far a fabulous selection by her and her team!

I know I’m going to get in hot water with you LaPazions because, its going to seem as if I’m picking on the pregnant lady but; in my defense you all didn’t react that way when Kim K came to the Met Gala wearing her grandma’s sofa cover. I speak of none other than Keira Knightly:Keira Knightley in ErdemKeira and her team decided that she would wear this lace number by Erdem but, seriously it looks as if they took a table covering and sewed it together and just draped it over her.  This look just didn’t work for her and I don’t think it brought out the fabulous baby glow.

Hold the phone stop the press!! I happen to love this next actress and her show is like blazing the TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) night line up on “How to Get Away with Murder”:Viola Davis in Max MaraWow! This Stunning Max Mara gown was showing off Ms. Davis fabulous assets her arms. She is so cut and this gown made her look very soft and feminine, I also love the diversity she offers us with her hair and she just owns her look and beams with pure self-confidence.

What happens with our A-listers? I mean normally she is amongst the top dressed at any red carpet event but, tonight it just looked like she was going to a PTA meeting:Julia Roberts in GivenchyYes it’s Julia Roberts in this Givenchy tuxedo pant suit. I cannot say that it’s the most flattering of silhouettes on Julia and that her team missed the mark on this or if they didn’t the should’ve talked her off the ledge.

Prison life is doing these next two actress very well and they really brought their style game to the red carpet:Laverne CoxUzo Aduba in Angel SnchezThese two ladies just looked too fabulous for words. I loved everything about their looks tonight from hair, makeup, gown selection Lavern Cox and Uzo Aduba in Angel Sanchez just was killing it!! I guess Orange is the New black..

Hey funny lady you look rather lovely in this gown and we love that your take a few style risk-stepping out with something a little more daring and showing some cleavage:Amy Poehler in Jenny PackhamI thought Amy Poehler looked great in this Jenny Packham midnight blue gown. Now the rest of the Lapazimageing Fashion Forward team begged to differ, they felt that the gown made her look a little squatty, thick in the middle and didn’t do much for her. Such a mean team. LOL!!

I have to tell you this actress I’m a huge fan of hers’. I mean I’ve kept up with her from ER to small movie roles to now her hit show “The Good Wife”:Julianna Margulies I don’t know what it is with Julianna Margulies, but she just never looks as breathtaking as she does on her show. Perfect example is this gown; it’s too much for her and looks like it got caught in her stocking on the way out of the ladies room. I just need for her to look as stunning and fashion forward as she does on her hit show. If her team isn’t sure how to do it, just ask the Stylist of the show to get you ready for the next awards red carpet PLEASSSEE!!

I haven’t seen this actress since the big breakup with her husband and the “Twerkgate” that brought their marriage to a “Blurred Line” (Yup all the puns were intended.. A little corn goes a long way with me):Paula PattonI honestly felt that Paula Patten looked absolutely beautiful. I loved that she didn’t have that fake Jokers Wild smile plastered on her face and, she wasn’t acting like the forever blonde with no brain. She was rather reserved and just really looked regal in this stunning gown.

Wow, she looks like a Grecian Goddess in this fabulous white gown. I mean we saw a lot of white but this one was like FIRE!!:Reese Witherspoon in Giorgio ArmaniDo you know who I am? (that was curtsey of her rant with the police) It is none other than Reese Witherspoon rocking this killer Giorgio Armani gown! I totally love the silhouette and how form fitting this gown is. I think her hair and makeup compliment this look and she pulled it off effortlessly.

LaPazions, tonight’s red carpet was totally spectacular and the stars truly gave their brightest light. You can see more of our red carpet coverage via our Facebook page. Become and Exclusive LaPazion member to get access at

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