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New Branding For Cavalli


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I guess I was a little shocked when I saw the new face for the house of Cavalli. I mean in all honesty this starlet has made a real 360 degree turn from her wacky style to a more demure and elegant look. I mean you all must remember this hot mess:Nicki Minaj Nicki has made the change and is giving face in this fabulous new Roberto Cavalli ad. I love the collection and how they are bringing Cavalli to a more young and trendy generation:NICKI-MINAJ-Roberto-Cavalli-Photoshoot-by-Francesco-Carrozzini-1-535x803I love the makeup it’s very simplistic and natural, the hair kind of reminds you of and error when women were true ladies and even a throwback to Cleopatra (regal and exotic):Cleopatra

The collection is inspired by Safari and per a statement from Roberto Cavalli: “He chose Nicki Minaj because, she embodies the exuberant and modern femininity of the Cavalli woman.” One thing with Roberto Cavalli he has always celebrated the female figure of shape. He’s never shied away from letting women’s sexuality be seductively spoken but, never over stated. Roberto went on to state: “I wanted a sensual woman who is aware of her body, who is not afraid to show her curves.”

Needless to say he picked the right person, there is no shame in her game via the song “Anaconda” where she is truly working her Ass-ets (pun intended). We love how Cavalli chose to showcase the Rapper/singer in gorgeous flowing fabrics from zebra print maxis, lace minis and black caftans:NICKI-MINAJ-Roberto-Cavalli-Photoshoot-by-Francesco-Carrozzini-5NICKI-MINAJ-Roberto-Cavalli-Photoshoot-by-Francesco-Carrozzini-6NICKI-MINAJ-Roberto-Cavalli-Photoshoot-by-Francesco-Carrozzini-7I have to be honest with you LaPazions, I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj but, I think she looks elegant and really delivered in this shoot. Nicki served good face and looked beautiful in each shot and presented as a true professional. Roberto Cavalli is bringing a new era to the brand making it more fashion forward and; we have to applaud this bold new move.

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