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Controversy with Iggy Azalea and Steve Madden

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LaPazions, can you say creative differences have hit the collaborating duo of Madden and Azalea already? Yes, you read that correctly Steve Madden (which all of you know if one of my FAVORITE footwear Designers) decided to partner with Iggy Azalea to birth a new style of sandal. The Black Widow came out after the ad campaign she shot wasn’t all that she thought it would be. Here is a little detail that most celebs should know by now; that no matter how fast you delete a Tweet or Instagram message the eyes that be (aka the Media) will catch it and make it known. Late Thursday night after a spoiler was leaked by the collaborating Instagram Iggy went on a tirade and posted this comment:

“I’ve been bamboozled with a tumblr page where everyone wears socks and takes unintentional crotch shots on pool toys. I’m in shock,” Azalea tweeted, adding: “I worked really hard on the creative direction of both the shoes and the shoot I WAS involved with and in, (and now) it’s been tainted with these God awful images that Steve Madden took upon themselves to create and share without my knowledge. Gross gross gross.”  Madden Ad

We waited to see what the Madden camp had to say about this little tantrum and without fail here is what was posted:

“When you get two artists working together, sometimes there are fireworks. It’s our creative differences that allow us to design an incredible collection and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world.”  Basically LaPazions, Madden was trying to sound almost as if in his word “Lovers Spat”- Needless to say, I guess Iggy doesn’t realize by her throwing and all out fit dissing the amazing Designer and saying she didn’t create this collection to be “I just don’t support Jesus sandals WITH socks.”  I find her comment and backhanded apology to be rather offensive but, I guess she doesn’t realize that if you insult the consumers we don’t purchase.

In the long run or short of it all; the two brands are still looking forward to the release of the line in February and with all hopes this petty little rant won’t take away from the collection nor the money they are hoping to make:Iggy Madden Adiggy-azalea-x-steve-madden-carouselIggy-Madden 2015 Collab

LaPazions, personally the sandals aren’t my thing and you won’t catch me rocking these anytime soon. I don’t think they look that flattering with or without the socks. I cannot wait to hear what your thought are on this and if you think its time for the celeb bandwagon of thinking they are Designers to end until they get a little more education.

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