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2014 Tony Awards Red Carpet Review

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Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Photographs by: Tony Williamson for Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

Article by: Erin Cortez-Style Reporter/Certified Image Consultant

LaPazions, I don’t know if any of you watched the 2014 Tony Awards but, if not we have your front row seat to the red carpet. I have to tell you we loved that Hollywood showed up in a big way and even music talent looked their best. I have to tell you the shocker for me when I saw her, had to be Fantasia Barrino. Fantasia has had a real makeover and I don’t mean just wardrobe; I’m talking about mind, body and soul. She looked fabulous in her teal plunging subtle shimmering gown. She has brand new assets do you know what I mean? Fantasia also performed with Gladys Knight, Patti LeBelle and the amazing cast of After midnight:496808099LL013_2014_Tony_AwFantasia Barrino and Patti LaBelleFanny is looking so good and she sounded fabulous and gave a great performance. I have to attach it so you all can see the ladies in action and why I said this was the best performance of the night:

Hold the phone I had to take a second look when Alan Cummings came out on the stage. You may or may not know his name but, if you’re a fan of the Good Wife (which I am TOTALLY!) Eli is the character that Alan plays on the weekly television series, and you know how stylish and well put together he is. Take a deep breath and get ready to see this LOUD over the top making major statements suit:493263885JN00111_2014_Tony_Yup, that is Eli and I couldn’t believe it- I thought what did he want us to know he had an EKG? I guess he was making his statement of statements.

Another top pick on the red carpet has to go to Tina Fey. I mean she had been coming into her own and doing it very well. I love the gown with the details and how it hugged her curves and gave her more of a feminine silhouette. Her hair and makeup complimented her look and just made her look so polished:496808049KR00029_2014_Tony_Jennifer Hudson looked great in her silver sequin dress and the hair and makeup is perfection. Jennifer within the last few events has really embodied her look and has allowed her stylist to put her into things that flatter her particular body-type:496808049KR00028_2014_Tony_The only complaint I have with Jennifer’s look is that it looks rather dated not as youthful as I would like her to look. I thought the dress didn’t puddle correctly at the bottom but, all and all she get’s and A from me from previous looks.

This next actress doesn’t seem to get the attention nor credit that she really deserves. I have to say I love Anika Noni Rose. Her style is very classic and womanly and she just owns her look with great confidence. I loved this gown she selected because, we saw it on the runway and the alterations that her stylist and the Designers’ have made just fit her beautifully in my opinion but, in the opinion of our Editor-in-Chief; Sonya LaRae she didn’t feel the gown complimented her petite figure and it was just to much fabric the hair and makeup didn’t compliment her slender face:496808099LL194_2014_Tony_AwWhich brings me to Idina Menzel, I just didn’t care for her gown and neither did anyone in our team as we were pulling photos for this article. I guess we just love her voice but, as far as it goes with her red carpet looks she needs to move past a particular Designer that she has worn each time she’s appeared:496808099LL105_2014_Tony_AwThen we had two iconic actresses that hit the red carpet and I have to say Fran Drescher looks really good. I mean in all honesty she looks just as fabulous as she did when we were introduced to her on the Nanny. I mean the gown she selected was so Fran that it just looked so appropriate for this iconic Doll:496808099LL094_2014_Tony_AwThe other actress is Judith Light and I felt she looked great body wise but, the gown hair and makeup could have been better. I think she looked a little washed out:496808099LL232_2014_Tony_Aw

Here are a few others that we felt looked fabulous Lucy Liu, Ana Gunn and Emma Rossum. Theses ladies truly looked stunning and we loved their look from head to toe:

We’re always interest in your thought who did you feel was best dressed? What moment did you like the best? We cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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