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BET Awards 2014 Red Carpet Review

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Article by: Lima Grimond-Freelance Fashion Journalist-Fashion Blogger

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Hey LaPazions, I know many of you watched the BET Awards Sunday night and I mean all and all the show was okay and for me the best part of the show was when Chris Brown took the stage to perform “These Girls Aint Loyal!” I mean he is just such a great performer and never misses a beat. Now on to the more important things the red carpet!! Yazzzz! honey the stars where out and I mean in all aspects of the word out. I mean it was such a skin feast for most of the ladies walking the red carpet and the theme was all white because, it was hot as HELL in LA. First up we have the Ashanti and I don’t know who told her to change her hair blonde and to wear this gown but, for me it was a total miss:Ashanti

I mean Ashanti to me just tries to hard to be sexy and each and every-time she misses the mark. I mean you could see that she hasn’t been working out her boobs are sagging, this really isn’t a good look for this young lady. Wait hold the presses!! Did you all know that singer Omarion was in a relationship and that he’s going to be a father? Well, LaPazions neither did anyone else it was a major shocker when he and his babies mother hit the red carpet:OmarionCongratulations? I’m sorry but, this gown didn’t do her justice to celebrate their good-news and to show off her baby bump. I know you all are going to think I’m throwing shade but, I’m not. Don’t I sound much like Nicki Minaj with that one? That sorry supposed fake statement she dropped on all of us during her acceptance speech. Moving on let me not fall into the gossip trap. I loved how elegant and pulled together Amber Rose looked, this young lady knows what looks good on her body-type and she just serves up all kinds of sexy effortlessly:Amber RoseLet’s just keep this on the Real- You like how I said that bringing full-circle “The Real” talk show host Adrienne Bailon? I thought her looks was okay the dress was hugging all of her new found curves but, I’m sorry the hair and makeup was much to be desired. It made her face look to full and didn’t compliment her look at all:Adrienne-BailonI love that Nicole and Eddie Murphy’s girls were out on the red carpet just looking too stunning for words. They truly have inherited their mothers stunning looks and have embraced her style choices and models:bria-murphy-shayne-murphy OMG! Ms. Eva Marcille winner of Americas Next Top model was out on the red carpet, looking GORGEGOUS!! Eva, is a new mom of a 4month old and she looks like she never gave birth nor was she ever pregnant. I think she is beautiful but, I wasn’t a fan of the gown that she selected to wear because, it just didn’t give her body the right symmetry: eva marcilleIt was also great to see Faith Evans, she looks good and has dropped several lbs. and I loved her outfit because, it was young and fresh but, also still gave sexy in a mature way:Faith Evans

Wow, big shocker for me is Charlie Baltimore and how she has 360’d her look. I loved the blonde hair, her face was beat she has come into her own and is doing it. Plus she was up for 2 awards and I mean this look is working! (side note: Needless to say EVERYONE at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward, begged to differ with my personal opinion. I heard someone say well he is blending from head to toe, her hair and makeup do nothing for her and she is looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost cousin) oh they are just so cold:charli-baltimore-Some body please pump the breaks on Keke Palmer! I know she is no longer a little girl but, honey she was showing skin and more skin in this little cut out peek-a-boo number. I mean seriously we know she’s coming into her own and has a brand new show that is going to be airing on BET at 5pm EST (check your local listings) but, I didn’t care for her look from head to toe and I’m only giving her 2 stars on this look:keke-palmerI’m just like Chris Rock what in the world was Paris Hilton doing at the BET awards? I mean seriously when did she become so down with hip-hop and R&B? I saw her laughing and talking with Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion (really). I mean I though her and Ashanti had just swapped gowns:Paris HiltonKarrueche Tran brought her A-game and looked fabulous. I loved the details on the dress and how the colored looked against her skin. I said Chris has a real friend, lover, girlfriend and someone who is loyal by his side with this young lady and I wish them both nothing but, happiness and continued success in their relationship:Karrueche Tran

I’m about to just break into my my top 4 worst looks for the night and 2 I’m very surprised made this list for me. Why? Well normally Nick Cannon and Zandaya (Disney fame Shake it Up) are on point fashion wise but, tonight they both were just reaching too hard: Now with Gabrelle Union and Laura Govan (LA Basketball Wives) didn’t surprise me cause I don’t feel either of these ladies get the fashion format correct that often. I mean seriously Gabrielle had on leather knee high boots in a billion degree weather and looking just foolish. Laura just looked a hot mess from start to finish and I know that she is another one who is very proud of the weight loss and that is coming into her own but, she missed every mark with this look:

Wow so Kerry Washington was here tonight and I loved her dress but, I thought it was very basic and she looked great the new mom and actress of the top TV show Scandal: Kerry Washington

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