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2014 Met Gala Red Carpet Review


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

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Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant/Lifestyle Coach

Photographs by: Alex Brandenkowski-Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

LaPazions, last night the stars were out shining brighter than ever on the red carpet of the Met Gala! Its one of the biggest fashion nights and the tickets ran $25,000 per person. Anyway, I have to tell you I wasn’t that taken with many last night but, I do have a true favorite that just stole the night to me! I’m starting off with the high note for us, which is Rihanna rocking this fabulous white cropped topped gown:RihannaYes honey Rihanna just brought her fierce self out in a major way and I mean she just get’s it right when she strides the red carpet. I thought Victoria Beckham looked great in her white gown, designed by herself. I loved her hair and makeup, and please her and David just know how to do a red carpet:Victoria and David BeckhamVictoria BeckhamNext who I thought just got it right was Chrissy Teigen. I mean marriage just suits her so well, she was just glowing on the red carpet. I loved the color of her gown on her and hair and makeup was right on point!Chrissy TeigenI cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous Charlize Theron looked. I loved how she draped the menswear jacket over her shoulders that brought a great touch. She always serves such great body and on the carpet and just knows how to work a good looking gown. This is one woman that celebrates her curves the right way and the lines of this gown just highlighted them perfectly:Charlize TheronI didn’t think this was a top pick but, I did like the look and I thought it went well with the persona that the reinvented Mrs. Carter has presented in this new CD. I loved the sheer and beading of the gown and the little fascinator was the right touchBeyonce Knowles CarterPause this next one took be by such surprise and I mean she looks just beautiful. I couldn’t get over how Kendall Jenner just knocked this out the box. We personally felt that maybe Kim should have taken tips from her little sister this evening:Kendall JennerNow this takes us right into our worse dressed, and I know that some of you may think that we’re being mean and just hating but; I’m sorry this gown that Kim Kardashian decided to wear just did nothing for her particular body type. I feel like since Kim starting dating Mr. West she had dumbed her style down just too much. I have always loved the style that Kim K brought to events and now she just seems broken:Kanya West and Kim KI mean seriously what is right with this look on either of them? I mean is he so miserable he looks almost sick standing on the side of the supposed woman that he is so deeply in love with and about to marry. Seriously these two need to get clue and wake up and smell reality and I don’t mean “Reality TV” either.

Next is Katie Holmes, OMG!! What did she leave her sense of style back with Tom Cruz? Seriously this yellow gown looks like something she and her daughter would play fairy princess with and the hair and makeup. Lord this woman is a hot mess and her reps just let her walk out looking like this:Katie Holmes Marchesa Before you all throw your shoes at me I will say sometimes even the best of the best, just can make a fashion misstep. I mean Lupita in this flapper-girl throw back and headband the shoes lord. When the good ones get it wrong they go BIG!:Lupita Nyong'o Prada Okay just pull the plug and someone get me a direct line to this woman’s team ASAP!! Seriously, what was her stylist, Publicist thinking when they allowed Lena Dunham to wear this particular gown. I mean between that bowl cut, the bad posture she just looks cut off and there is nothing wrong with a little fake and bake: Lena DunhamNext up is the woman herself Ms. Anna Wintour. I know I’m crossing into deadly territory with this but, she’s honest and says all the time she values honesty well, here I go. I’m sorry Ms. Wintour yes you wore Chanel but, this looked like you pulled the old quilt off your bed and had them just make you a gown and, it’s time to lose that hair style. You’re one dated woman and I love that you want to stay true to your origin but, just as you say sometimes it is time to bring things forward:Anna Wintour -Chanel Fashion Police need to give there own a ticket because, I’m sorry Giuliana Rancic just looked Rancid/sickly and gaunt. I’m starting to get worried over Giuliana, because she is insanely thin. I didn’t like her look period:Giuliana Rancic These two young ladies have enough money to have things custom made and perfectly tailored for their very slight bodies. That would none other be the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley. I mean seriously ladies get it together, bad enough you all look like little girls trying to be grown up but, if you’d just invest a little time into your looks I know you could kill it. Your little sister even get’s it so please take a clue:Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenElizabeth Olsen

Another Met Gala has come and gone and again we find ourselves just feeling style starved. I mean don’t get us wrong there were several that knocked the style meter on it’s butt but, there we’re more misses. I also want to make mention of Rita Ora, Blake Lively, Ivanka Trump, Janelle Monae and Karolina Kurkova these ladies looked fabulous and I feel you must see them to appreciate their style choices:

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