Friday, January 10, 2014

New Marc Jacobs Campaign


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Article by: Marisol DeGaines-Certified Image Consultant/Fashion Journalist

Hey LaPazions, it seems as if you have poor behavior and twerk your way back into popularity, you get rewarded with high-end campaigns with major Designers such as, Marc Jacobs. Marc’s latest campaign for his S/S14 collection, he’s decided to use and reward none other than Miley (I’ll smoke weed publicly on stage/TV)Cyrus. Personally, I just don’t get what is so hot or interesting about a young woman how is desperately seeking attention, be it good or bad. I know it’s all and act but, we have other young people who are looking and idolizing these young starlets and mirroring their poor behavior. 

This brings us to the campaign, I don’t know to me and let me stress in my opinion; it feels very heavy, dark and moody. It’s supposed to be shot on a beach with like her “friends” just hanging out. Well let me just say if these are her friends and how they hangout on the beach honey they need and intervention quickly. The look and feel is as if they just killed the one young lady and they are trying to figure out what to do next or how to cover the crime:campaignMJS-S14 MJ Miley CyrusThis campaign looks as dis-shoveled as Marc’s last runway show which, we just didn’t get the message or direction. I don’t exactly know what is taking place in his life (breakup from long-term lover, departure from LV) but, whatever it is we’ll be very happy when the balance returns to MJ.

What do you think of the campaign? Do you think he should’ve used Miley Cyrus? Is this the biggest publicity stunt of stunts Marc is pulling?

We cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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