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Grammy’s Red Carpet Review


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Marisol DeGaines

Photographs by: Brandon Gilmore

Hey LaPazions, so another amazing Grammy Awards has come and, in the words of Beyoncé “We Be All Night” on the red carpet breaking down the stars style. I have to tell you first up is the one and only Beyoncé, who wore past Project Runway contestant Michael Castello: Beyonce Beyoncé was owning this look and rocking her new short haircut. I mean this lace gown was well fitted and looked beautiful on her but, I don’t feel her makeup was that great and the performance was just okay for me. I love that she is not afraid to show people that yes I maybe a mother but, I’m also a wife and a killer performer.

We know that pregnancy is beautiful and that mom’s to be are just glowing and gorgeous when they are with child but; I’m so sorry not so much with Ciara. I mean the hair color the gown which was by Designer Emilio Pucci just missed the mark for us:CiaraI put this look right up there with her BFF Kim K when she attended the MET Gala. I mean its not as bad as the floral design Kim went with but; its not flattering to her nor her baby bump.

Katy Perry took music very literal with this gown that she selected by Valentino Couture:TKaty PerryThis gown is beautiful but, I just didn’t read as a Grammy Red Carpet look. It looked more prom like, sweet sixteenish to us here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward. One thing though with Katy being a Covergirl, her face was beat and she looked beautiful and fresh. Not going to comment on the hair because, for me it wasn’t doing much for me.

Rita Ora was on the red carpet and I didn’t care for her look nor her dress. I mean I love Designer Lanvin but, not so much for her nor for this particular event:Rita OraI didn’t feel this particular dress complimented her figure and the color was just off and the shoes just missed the mark. I love Rita normally and her style choices but, this was a misstep for this award red carpet.

Pause hold the phone did you see Amber Rose? OMG!! She looked Ahmazing and I mean stunning. Amber selected Designer Naeem Khan’s gold gown and it just complimented her body-shape, skin tone and I love that she covered her tattoos. She was flawless and by the way she is also a new mom:Amber RoseWait is this really Madonna? I mean come on who does she think she is Colonel Saunders or some old pimp and to top off her madness, she brought her son with her not Rocco but, the youngest. I swear then it got worse when she took the stage with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis:MadonnaI’m sorry I know this was a Ralph Lauren suite but, she just looks like she’s “Breaking Amish” or is this what her style has become since she is all the way into her 50’s trying to keep it young with her 20ish boy-toys. I hated her look on the red carpet and I hated it more on stage the white suite and hat which, just was screaming go home old lady and bring Madonna back.

Speaking of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, they looked very sharp on the red carpet and gave such a great performance and one that will be remembered for a long time. They brought Colonel/Breaking Amish Madonna on stage and Queen Latifah:Macklemore & Ryan LewisTaylor Swift just seems to get the red carpet superstar look. I mean this gown by Gucci Premiere, was stunning and complimented her body. Only thing I didn’t care for so much was the ponytail it just didn’t fit this look. Taylor should’ve just kept her new shorter haircut down and just soft like her performance:Taylor SwiftWow! I love Paris Hilton, she is really owning her gown woman/top DJ status. I mean she looked fabulous in this stunning Haus of Milani gown. Paris just get’s what it takes to look effortless on the red carpet from her hair, makeup and jewels she just knocked it out the box!:Paris HiltonI’m sorry we love our girl Kelly Osbourne but, in all honesty this Goth queen look didn’t do anything for me and it also caused a big debate in our offices at LaPaz and even my Editor-in-Chief begged to differ with my opinion. I feel this just missed the mark because Kelly is short and the gown seemed to overwhelm her:Kelly Osbourne I mean Badgley Mischka, is a fabulous Designer but, I just didn’t feel this look for her. Oh wait side-note: You know that Clive Davis gives her annual pre-Grammy party. Well, ended up that Kelly and her mother Sharron attended but, word is they got into a little heated argument with Jonah Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein, which you know is Maroon 5’s manager. I mean Sharron took throwing food and drink’s on Feldstein. I know she is a mommy bear when it comes to her kids but, in all honesty she needs to learn when to pull it back and let security remove your issue or have the host kick this person out.

Pink took to the red carpet wearing a red gown by Designer Johanna Johnson. I have to say Pink’s body is really in excellent shape but, to me this gown didn’t compliment her sometimes kind of boyish figure:PinkI don’t know if it was just the cut or even the fabric that I just didn’t care for but, if you saw the show she killed her performance and I think Pink also needs to try out for a gymnastics team.

Good lord, I haven’t seen Alicia Keys for a moment but, she was on the red carpet last night and honey she got hips and but for days. I mean Ms. Keys was filling out her Armani Prive gown:Alicia KeysAside from all the rumors that Blake Sheldon and Miranda Lambert are having some marital issues, she looked stunning on the red carpet. Miranda has slimmed down and gotten in shape, which by the way brings us to her red carpet look. I loved the red gown the color was great on her skin tone but, I wasn’t so sure if I liked the cut and style on her. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback:Miranda LamberI love Daft Punk I mean they take that whole robot thing to the next level but, they dress their butts off when it comes to the red carpet. I love how stylish they are and they should’ve help Pharrell Williams with his look. Lord what exactly was he attending? I mean come on you’ve been nominated for Grammy and Oscar and this is how you decided to show up please give it a rest:Daft Punkpharrell-williams-hatI don’t really know but, I love when you go to a red carpet and you see breathtaking looks and just cannot stop gushing over a look but, not so much for this Grammy carpet. I mean we loved John Legend in Gucci with new wife Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson but, still it wasn’t a stop the presses moment:John Legend and Chrissy TeigenWe also had two of the hottest Disney stars out on the red carpet they looked cute. Zendaya wore Emanuel Ungaro and Ariana Grande wore Dolce and Gabbana. I think the young ladies looked very age appropriate and that they looked fresh:ZendayaArianna GrandeI have to tell you I loved Cyndi Lauper’s look. I thought the Alexander McQueen outfit looked really good on her and I thought the jewelry could have been brought down from around her neck but, all and all I loved this look on her and I could see Sonya LaRae rocking something like this:Cyndi Lauper

We made it through another Grammy red carpet and it wasn’t that eventful and some of the bigger names that we love to see weren’t even present. I feel the red carpet was as boring as the show and matter of fact I hope that that the AMA’s are better then this.

I cannot wait to hear your feedback and your thoughts regarding our red carpet coverage.

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