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Your Skin on Chemo/Radiation Therapy:


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Hey Fabulous LaPazions, we’re still going strong with our campaign “Divas For The Cure” along with our affiliates Gosh!About and Mind of a Diva. Today, I thought I would speak a little about skincare during this very tuff period you’re or may have gone through. I want to talk about the effects on your skin that you maybe going through at this time with chemo/radiation therapy.

Finding a safe and effective routine during treatment may be more challenging then you think; due to the side effects of radiation on the body and skin. Did you know your skin is your largest organ and often reflects what's going on inside our bodies; from stress, sickness, anxiety you name it our bodies absorbs it. In doing a little research and speaking with a few experts, I found out that treatments weaken the immune system. Your skins ability to protect itself from elements also diminishes over the period of treatment. Did you also know that dehydration and photosensitization of your skin is a common side effect?

Well here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep your skin as moist as possible at all times (You’ll hear this in our vlog post from Denise and a great product to try).

2. All products that come into contact with your skin MUST be free of toxins, dyes and synthetic fragrances.

3. Purchase products that soothe your skin with gentle ingredients such as: chamomile, passion flower or sunflower oil.

4. Try essential oils to replace your skin’s natural oils, which get depleted during treatments.

5. Use mineral makeup and protect the skin with a safe, natural SPF with broad spectrum protection to block UV rays.pic_skinNow here are a few products you should think about avoiding:

1. Drying Alcohols

2. Perfumes and synthetic fragrances

3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (we all need to avoid this ingredient)

4. Any harsh and abrasive cleansers and household cleaning products.

Now ladies most importantly for cancer patients is avoiding negativity-This truly serves NO purpose in your recovery. Yes your skin may feel and look harsh but, remember you’re prepared with the helpful tips we shared and keeping a good outlook will also help you in feeling looking and reacting better!

At this time we’d like to introduce you to our new affiliate Denise Toledo of Miss Mascara; who is such an amazing Makeup Artist that we’ve partnered with to do Vlog postings on a bi-weekly basis. I asked Denise joined us for our campaign DIVAS FOR THE CURE to give great beauty tips and she didn’t let us down! I’ll  formally introducing Denise in 2 weeks so stick close:We wanted to also give you a few bonus beauty tips to make apart of your beauty therapy:

Shop for Wigs: This is a fab time to experiment with new looks and colors-see who you feel like on a given day and have fun. Loosing ones hair can be very traumatic. Remember not all women loose their hair during treatment but, its good to have a plan B.

Re-Create Eyebrows: Purchase an eyebrow stencil along with a natural colored eyebrow pencil. Practice either filling in sparse eyebrows or draw in with a feathering technique for natural eyebrows if eyebrows are completely gone. Don’t get frustrated because this takes a little practice to get right and as the old saying goes practice makes better.

I sincerely hope this post was informative, helpful and uplifting! Please remember to visit our affiliates website and for more informative and uplifting articles and to book a beauty season with Denise Toledo of Miss Mascara go to:

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