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Bringing Breast Health Front and Center:

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Hello LaPazions, we’re really moving forward on our campaign Divas For the Cure “Pink Unites Us All!” with Gosh!About and Mind of a Diva You all may have seen our tweets and some of you have started to re-tweet and use our hash tag #PinkUnitesUsAll

Ladies this post we want to speak with you about doing self examinations, the importance of it and how often you should be examining, what are the six signs of possible breast cancer and how often you should have a mammogram. factsWith these statistics all women should check their breast for lumps, thickness and other changes. By examining your breast regularly you will know how your breast normally feel and look. How often should you be doing a self breast exam and what is the proper way to do and examination?self examYou should check your breast about once a month about a week after your period-Checking your breasts in the shower can be a convenient way to get the self exam into your routine. How do you do the exam? Press firmly with the pads of your fingers-Move your left hand over your right breast in a circle. Check all over and under your armpit and do the same for the other breast. If you detect or think you’ve detected a lump you should contact your doctor immediately so they can check and see if it is a lump or just a fatty pocket. 

How Often Should You Get a Mammogram:

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends:

  • Women ages 50 to 74 years should get a mammogram every 2 years.
  • Women younger than age 50 should talk to a doctor about when to start and how often to have a mammogram.

Here are six signs you need to look for when your examining your breasts:

  1. Lumps

  2. Dimple or indentations

  3. Rash on breast

  4. Breast skin puckering

  5. Nipple discharge

  6. Sudden shrinkage or growth

We hope that you’ll take this information and share it with loved ones, friends, sisters, mothers, cousins you name it so they can be aware and keep their breast healthy. To support our campaign we’re asking all of you that have twitter or Google+ to use the hash tag #PinkUnitesUsAll#PinkUnitesUsAll

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