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Soul Train Music Awards-Red Carpet Las Vegas2012:

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November 9,2012 the lights are bright and all the stars are on the Red Carpet at Planet Hollywood, in Las Vegas for the Soul Train Music Awards; which by the way brings such homage to the one and only creator of the show Mr. Don Cornelius. I have to tell you this has to be one of the biggest and brightest nights in the history of the Soul Train Music Awards, for once BET and Centric have done things right by making sure the show will air in its entirety tonight on BET and Centric, so make sure you check you local listings for the time.

Now on to what we do the fashions on the Red Carpet was popping and some not so much. I mean we saw stars for yesteryear to present and future. We even saw the Tamar Braxton rocking a silver dress looking her ever so Fabulous self as she interviewed the whose-who on the carpet. Then the one and only Cedric The Entertainer hosted the show once again and kicked things off the right way with opening acts by Raphael Saadiq (which by the way he is the Music Director for the show) the Fabulous Fantasia Barrino, Charlie Wilson, Anthony Hamilton and new R&B singer Leah Labelle who really did and excellent job paying tribute to amazing Tina Marie great opening if we may say so:

Raphael-Saadiq- sm8ngx4liSHxj8nOT3PHAxqwnOzAx2vrvMSy-y5ivnvzS_42H9OnYulLkrtSwCNqoNQt4ipRCtFGVdS7pweXq_A1SRzJuRr0Cg=s288 leah-labelle-soul-train-awards-2012-the-jasmine-brand miguel-soul-train-awards-2012-the-jasmine-brand I think this show is off to a really outstanding start and the stars are showing their star power by bringing their best to the carpet. I don’t think Anthony Hamilton really got the memo about the dress code because the gunslinger/carpenter/the soul singer just didn’t really cut it for us her at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward. We also was very surprised at how different Singer Melanie Fiona looked we’re not sure if we liked her new look and the two tone hair but, we did love her cute little short lace dress that she rocked on the Red Carpet:

melanie-fiona-soul-train-awards-the-jasmine-brand Most shocking had to be Lil Mama, the blond hair the regal outfit I mean she has really grown up from that girl that had the Lip-gloss Pop’n. I think this young Hip-Hop artist is showing that she is no longer Lil but, very much maturing into a very beautiful lady:

I3G_DmSjVosMf-Gvt0qRwI2gvPU9iIs-ttph2pb_lzx4SCAoOXEtIuYwIuFY1dU6PUXLlq51GYg7d7K8sgu6pNaIni9GMsze=s288 I know mind-blowing if I may say so myself, this is such a great improvement on how we last saw her. You are beating this look up and doing with mad-attitude 5 stars honey that is what you get!! Now another great look and we LOVE her her at Lapazimageing is Keyshia Cole. Her new haircut is very sexy and we love the blonde which seemed to be the hair-color of the night. Many who shouldn’t have been blonde was a blonde but, we’re not going to call you out at this time but; Keyshia is doing it the right way:

110712-shows-sta-keyshia-cole Keyshia has a new look, new marriage, new show and a new baby boy well he’s about 2 years old and she is in the best shape ever. Then Keyshia took to the stage and you can also tell that she has been working on her craft and her instrument (her vocal-cords) someone gave this soulful singer the memo that voice lessons are your BFF to longevity and she really took it to heart!! Next on the Red Carpet was new comer Daley from the UK and he has a very interesting and eclectic style even more then Miguel (which we didn’t think could be possible):

DSC_0374-650x978 We just kept thinking hey the 80’s called and they want that hair and this look back and we’ll try again. I don’t know who said to bring back the Harem pants (Mc-Hammer pants) but, we honestly can tell them please stop before someone says yes this is the staple to the new fashion trend. Matter of fact last week we saw Justin Beiber on the Grammy’s wearing a pair of Red Leather harem pants, please stop the madness because its so not HOT!! I had to laugh when I saw this next young lady on the Red Carpet because, I thought to myself she went from the video girl to Price-is-Right model to now case number one on Deal or No Deal the one and only Claudia Jordan- She looked okay but, was wearing the wrong color which didn’t do much to make her look her best. Sorry Claudia, but we cannot give you a thumbs up on this look:

claudia-jordan-soul-train-awards-the-jasmine-brand Then there was the retro meaning SWV and Jody Whatley, which it was and is always great to see such artist as these that made such and impression on the music world and that also gave good music and sound tracks to our life but, style wise they missed the mark from too tight (SWV) to just wrong no shape on Jody. We have to give you all our thumbs down and let you know you missed the memo that stated “Look sexy and hot not stuffed and frumpy.”:

Ploem3anxjv8Zj0_Fvor5V4Q4jnUx6fd0YvJMHGKQjUrpezn5HCUoNcj6yfvhzF5AYxSydlfMj6rzzUFbYwQcROVYqcqOOGINw=s288 jody-whatley-soul-train-awards-2012-the-jasmine-brand Then on top of everything SWV looked like 3 bad drag queens and we couldn’t believe their Stylist or Manager allowed them to walk the carpet like this and High-definition powder just blazing like raccoons. Sorry to be so harsh but, the truth of the matter is we do our best to bring you the real scoop on Fashion and everything Fabulous! We also saw Marsha Ambrosius who once again missed the mark with her look. No matter who she works with they just forget to really dress her body-type and to help her to look her best:

marsha-ambrosius-soul-train-awards-2012-the-jasmine-brand Hey did you all catch Elle Verner and Kat Graham? I have to tell you they looked very different and just held their own and Elle wore this cute skirt and top but brought it with such class and we loved her hair pulled back and the red lipstick was just the right pop to her look. Kat Graham, looked like she had just when running through the flower garden and she just brought a sexy approach to her look and owned it:

elle-varner-soul-train-awards-2012-the-jasmine-brand Well, we hope you all caught the show tonight to really enjoy all the fashions, the performances and the great tributes. Here are a few more looks from our Red Carpet coverage:

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