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Okay unless you were under a rock or maybe your power was off due to the storm, you missed the first ever VMA Awards with no host, and it was something else.  Anyway, that isn’t what we want to talk about we want to talk about the fashions that donned the Black Carpet!!

I cannot begin to tell you how some where, great surprises and others where pure flops!! Without any further hold up we give you:

Beyonce showing off baby bumpBeyonce, not only rocked this look she gave fans a fabulous surprise by introducing her Baby bump that her and hubby Jay-Z, are expecting their first child and, she also let it be known at the end of her fabulous performance by dramatically dropping the mic and swinging open her jacket and rubbing her baby bump, all along while her husband Jay-Z and fellow label mate Kanye West celebrated in the audience.


Singer Adele really always gives us that reminiscent feeling of the true ladies from back in the day.  She rocked the classic bouffant hair style and her little black dress, as always I feel she just needs to step up her fashion game a little bit.  Yeah okay, we get that your a full-figure girl but, honey please step up and celebrate your curves!! You’re just to amazing not to look like the Diva you truly are.  She rocked the mic as she always does and gave us her heart in the song but then, she leaves you clamoring for more in regards to her style. HEY ADELE “Call LaPaz Image/Event Consultants” They really can help you dress your curves!!

Okay folks before we give you this next photo, we feel like we should add a small disclaimer: Please do not attempt this look if you are going out in Day light, walking your dog, sitting in your house sipping tea or just anywhere that any human may see you. 

With the Disclaimer out we would like to present you with the one and only:

Nicki Minaj    

Nicki Manaj, what in the world was this? What kind of Barbie was she going for? How un-original is this woman?  I mean first she bites Little Kim’s flavor with the colorful wigs, now she is rocking her messed up Lady GaGa who is next Beyonce, Rhiana? Whomever it is she just should have stayed off the carpet with this look and not embarrass herself. (Fabulous Artist that went wrong)

Which brings us to another starlet who should have stayed in her lane:

Selena GomezSelena Gomez, what in the world was she channeling? Was this her black swan, maybe her Twilight look or her vamp look; whatever it was it was a real miss.  She has the worst posture so it made her look like the collar of the dress was eating her neck and it just was off the mark totally.  What Selena wore on stage to present was the gown that she should have worn during the pre-show when she was interviewing the celebs on the Black carpet.

Did you all see Kim K’s well Humphrey’s BFF Demi Lovato?  She looked amazing just killing them in such a fabulous dress!! I think Demi and Kim must have called each others stylist and asked, that they wear the same color family, because their dresses where to close in the color pallet for it just to be some odd coincidence:

You just have to love how much influence Kim K has on her associates and friends.  Be it from hair to makeup Kim is like you must sign onto to be in association with her.  You just have to love it as I stated!! LOl!!

We have to say it is always great to see Britney Spears but, this look has divided our office, half of the office thinks Britney looked great, and the other half says the look wasn’t really on the mark and they didn’t think she looked so fabulous in what she choose to wear to the VMA’s and to except and introduce in (meaning where was the second outfit of the night).  I guess you all will have to be the judge of this and let us know what you thought or think of her look:

Briney SpearsYou see there is something so wrong about this look on Britney and maybe the most important factor of it is that is doesn’t flatter her particular body type. I honestly feel that these celebrities have stylist, that don’t have full education on Body-Analysis, which is something very important.  You always want your client to look good and never a worse dressed contender on “Fashion Police”.

The next two are perfectly matched for each other, I mean in all honesty they both are just a hot mess called style:

Some things are better left unsaid when it comes to certain people and things, and this has got to be one of them.  You know we where entertained all night by a lovely songstress who sang and entertained at the intermission and we loved her kind of Burlesque style:

Jessie JEven though she broke her foot and had crutches she blinged those babes out and rocked hot tattooed print stockings and brought her A-game front and center.  I think we could have just watched her perform instead of some of the other acts that just missed the mark.

Now the next couple is kind of and odd pairing to us because we know they have a connection which is their home state but, the two just kind of look odd together:

See what we mean she (Amber Rose) (side note: we really just love you Amber) is all Couture and he (Wiz Kalifia) is “hmm” okay skater boy meets the hood? Don’t get us wrong he is a great guy and very nice but, they just look kind of odd together and very happy. Hey, didn’t she and a certain someone “Kanye West” (not mentioning any names) look somewhat odd together as well, maybe that’s what works the oddities in life. Moving on!!

There where some other mentions that we either didn’t care was there or they just was a mess.  Like Rapper Kreayshawn what in the world was that she was wearing and that hair! She looked like a tore up, thrown away version of Amy Winehouse “RIP”. Then Katie Holmes was their and looked slightly out of place as well and we thought what is she doing here she doesn’t sing and where is her odd but oh so fab hubby Tom? Hey people guess who else was there walking and rocking kind of a nice outfit the “YouTube” girl who sang the horrible song “Friday” Rebecca Black and then JC Chasez who didn’t get the memo regarding the VMA’s, HELLO aren’t you on this channel? He looked like he was going out to get ice cream and come home to watch where he could talk about everyone:

 We also had a few shockers for our night as well that really looked good and I mean you normally feel either they look like trash, to old or just not the right look for this occasion but, these three ladies really showed up and made you see they where Black Carpet Ready. We are speak of JWow, Snookie and Miley Cyrus.  Ladies you did yourselves proud this time out and we take our hats off to you!

Then we saw the stylish gentlemen of the evening Ne-Yo, Tony Bennett, Pitbull and even Pete Wentz.  Yes you saw that right Pete Wentz was rocking a fabulous suit, if we may say so ourselves it caught us off guard if you know the guitar player of Fall out Boy, who is always ever so Rocker chic, but hey a little talk of divorce and fatherhood can do wonders:

Well Fabulous Ones, this is our coverage from the 2011 VMA’s and we look forward to bringing you more fabulous coverage!! To see more photos from our coverage of the VMA’s please “LIKE” our Facebook page at and we look forward to hearing all of your feedback and comments!

Continue being always Stylish, Classy and most of all Fabulous!

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