Monday, June 20, 2011

The Must Haves for The Summer Season!

Yes we’re so into the summer season that it’s just not funny. We’ve started shedding our clothes and looking for cool looks! This started us asking around the office what is the must have that you need for this summer.  First stop Editor-In-Chief Sonya LaRae:

Sonya: I think my one must have for this season has to be, a Fabulous pair of Espadrilles! I love the pair’s that I got from Christian Louboutin and DVF!! They have to be my two favorite Designers anyway:

We have to agree with her they are rather fabulous and would look great with several different looks from casual to dressed and ready to hit the clubs!!  Next we asked Sr. Media/Marketing Director Amber T. Rose what is her seasons must have:

Amber: My one must have for this season has to be my bronzer by MAC and currently they have 3 new ones that I’m in love with.  The name of the collection is “Surf Baby” Skinsheen Bronzer Stick, Studio Careblend/Press Powder and Bronzing Powder, price range is between $29.50-$24.00:


If you intend on spending a lot of your time outdoors then these 3 fabulous products will be a must have or if you just want that healthy glow, which you see all of your favorite celebs with then keep MACS bronzers in your little makeup bag.  Next on our list is Assistant to Editor-In-Chief, Denise Perez-Welsh.  What is something that you will have to have for the summer season?

Denise: I have to say its my hats, I love how they look and they always just set the tone for your outfit.  Mind you, being that ladies don’t have to take their hats off in doors (see our article “Hats To You” regarding etiquette) this is a great little accessory.  Some companies may allow you to wear your hat all day and other won’t so you have to know your companies policies and procedures but, here at LaPaz “Where everything is Fabulous” the expression is wonderfully excepted:

Hats are a great accessory for the summer season especially giving you the benefit, of taking the sun out of your face and also offering some protection!  We then wanted to know what Lindsay Miles Executive Assistant to Sr. Media/Marketing Director must have:

Lindsay: I have to say its the Maxi Dress I love them in all colors and looks!! I think its something that is very feminine and sexy but, not over the top.  You can dress it up or dress it down and with Espadrilles its a must have!!

My must have has got to be Pink lipstick or nail polish for this summer season!! I think it just gives you that beautiful sun-kissed look to your skin (Side note: Make sure you visit our achieves on selecting the right shade of pink for your skin tone) This is very important! I love the pinks that MAC has to offer I go from Feline pink to Rose pink and Sally Hansen’s Pink polishes are just great!!

I guess we are people that love fashion so much that must have’s in this office range from A-Z, our other Assistant to the Executive team Amanda, stated I have to have a fabulous pair of sunglasses, I buy myself a new pair kind of like how most buy shoes!! Right now my must haves are from Jessica Simpson and Chanel, I just cannot resist a pair of hot sunglasses from either of them!!

I have to say as we always say around here “Tis the Season to Be FABULOUS”! No matter what your must have is for this Hot summer just make sure your doing it with Great Style!! We would love to hear what your must have is for this season so feel free to post your comments and we cannot wait to see or hear what your Rocking!


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