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Top Fashion Mistakes Women Make:

Ugly Betty

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Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image Consultant/Lifestyle Coach

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Hello Fabulous LaPazions, I know there are so many fashion faux pas that seem to be fashion pluses but, ladies I’m here to discuss a few that are major no-no’s and every woman should be mindful of them. Prime example I like to use is Ugly Betty who seemed to rock the ugliest outfits with the most confidence that you would not believe. I mean yes she owned it but, there are a few things you should NEVER take ownership of such as;

Improper fitting clothing:Improper fittingLadies first things first when you wear clothing that is either too small or just too big, it has no style benefit for you. What do I mean by this? Is if you wear clothing that is too small it makes you look heavier than what you really are and takes away from you total look. The other side of the coin is too big, it makes you look heavier if you are already a curvy woman it adds bulk to your body and no woman wants to look bigger, heavier or having no definition at all.

Recommendation: Go with a blouse that is your size and not pulling or looking as if you take a deep breath you’ll bust out of it. Keep things simple, neat and complimentary to your shape. Do a 360 degree look at yourself and make sure its not grabbing, pulling or not sitting properly on your backside.

Label Junkies:Label Junky OMG! Yes we love our labels but, is there such a thing as overkill? Yes, ladies you DO NOT have to rock MJ from head to toe or any don’t go Marc Jacobs,Michael Kors, YSL and Dior there is no need to over due the name brands. Think go with one high-end piece and then mixing with a few inexpensive pieces to give that one major label the pop it deserves.

Full-Exposure:Showing too MuchLadies, ladies do yourself a favor and put this note in your memory bank “Less is More!” Meaning please leave something’s to the imagination of others, you don’t have to put all your good out like there is a yard sale or you have no modesty in your book. I do feel there is a time and a place for everything but, coming out into public with everything hanging out isn’t the time and not even on the “Red Carpet” should your breast be the first and the last thing people are speaking about.

Bottom Logos:Not sexyI really don’t know how, when or where this became something fashionable. The first time we saw this was via Victoria Secret and it was no secret that they wanted to draw attention to your rear-end. Then next thing we saw Juicy Couture who had the nerve to sprawl JUICY across women’s backsides and call it fashion. There is nothing fashionable, sexy nor classy with this trend-The other issue I have is if your bottom looks more like and oversized billboard I don’t think that is too flattering to you as a woman.

Fake-in-Bake:Fake and BakeWe all love that healthy glow, that sun-kissed look but; there is a point when too much is just too much. Step away from the tanning bed, the spray tan or self-tanner if and when you star taking on the appearance of and orange or burnt toast. There is definitely a fine line between tan and over tanning, if you’re going everyday two to three times a day you’re overboard and addicted to tanning.

Move Forward:stuck in the pastMany of you may have loved the 80’s and the 90’s but, did you get the memo that this is 2013 and just a short trip to becoming 2014? Ladies, do yourself and those that love you a favor and burn those ugly jeans that have no place in your wardrobe and don’t say everything is relevant to style. This is a lie you are telling yourself to give yourself permission to stay out dated and a true fashion mistake. Change can be hard so here is my tip for this, try to replace at least one thing in your wardrobe a week. Meaning bring something new into your wardrobe and get ride of one thing, up-dating isn’t something painful if you do it the right way.

Black-out Moment:Smokey eye extremThe Smokey-eye isn’t for everyone. Once again The Smokey-Eye IS NOT For Everyone!! You need to remember that you don’t want to go raccoon, the night of the dead. It’s just not that hot to look like you’ve forgotten how to wash your face and just kept on reapplying makeup on top of makeup. You want it to look natural and sexy, and keep in mind that if it doesn’t look right when you do it the first time wash it off and try it again, and think about visiting a local cosmetic counter and ask them to teach you the right way to duplicate a look that you may love.

Under-gate:Thong GateI hate this one with a passion and I think that more and more women are moving further and further away from this tacky and classless trend. Ladies, if you have low rise jeans on you need to purchase undergarments that are made for these types of jeans and please don’t think commando is acceptable either. 

These are a few of our fashion mistakes that we wanted to cover with you but, trust me we could keep going due to the fact we see so many and deal with so many fashion mistakes.

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