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Simple Ways to Reinvent Your Look:


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Email: Hey Sonya,

I feel that I’ve had the same old look for the past 5+ years, and I want to reinvent my look but, not break the bank. Sonya, can you please help? Signed Stuck in a Rut:

Hello Stuck in a Rut and Fabulous LaPazions, funny I get questions like this all the time from other readers and clients. Reinventing your look doesn’t always mean a major weight loss, cutting/coloring your hair or breaking the budget for and entirely new wardrobe. I’m going to give you a few simple steps that will help in reinventing your look so; get ready to take a few notes.

1. Style your hair differently:

Jen Aniston

You may have had the same hairstyle forever. Here is a simple little trick to try: If you wear your hair with a center part try parting your hair on a different side. You can do this just before you go to bed-Why then. This way you can train the hair to stay in place and here is the tip for getting your hair to lay flat: Use a little styling gel and hair tape to keep hair in place while you’re sleeping. Using hair tape will prevent you having that indention in your hair or that line from a head band or wrap. By just changing the direction of your hair, you will add a different symmetry to your face and can reinvent you look totally.

2. Accessorize, Accessorize:


Doing this little trick can give a whole new look to your wardrobe. Adding accent pieces or how I like to call them statement pieces which are out of your norm can take your wardrobe from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and, will make that old standard look brand new. Jewelry is and easy and fast way to give new definition to your look and if you’re not use to wearing big pieces that’s fine add a few small catchy pieces.

3. Change up your makeup:

Clinique Blushing

Ladies did you know that if you make small changes to your makeup you will reinvent your look. Prime example of this, I had a client who ONLY did dramatic looks to her eyes be it day or night that was her look. One afternoon she had a brunch to attend and asked me to give her a different look. I simply just changed up her makeup and instead of giving such a dramatic look to her eyes, I gave her a more natural look and a little pop of pink on her lips and she looked totally different and everyone at her brunch kept asking her what she did different to herself. Little things such as this can change and contour your face in a different way.

4. Nails become Accessories:

Nails too You

I know this sounds like a real reach but, if you only wear French/American manicure just giving your nails a pop of color will add a change to your hands and will make a subtle reinvention to your look. You can even try changing the shape of your nails.

5. Step your shoe game up:

Business Shoes3

Shoes can change a look drastically. How? If you only wear flats 24/7 try putting a kitten heel into your wardrobe. I say a kitten heel because, its not too dramatic and being that your foot isn’t use to being in a heel you would need to start gradual. Ladies who only wear heels/stilettoes  try adding a wedge or kitten heal to give a different definition to your leg and your closet.

6. Rejuvenate your skin:

Rejuvenate Healthy skin can change your look 100%-By simply keeping your skin hydrated(drinking enough water daily)and by exfoliating once a week you can give yourself a healthy glow. I’d like to give you a natural recipe for a good exfoliant:

3-4 Tbs. Cornmeal, 4 Tbs. Honey mix until the mixture is well blended and not too thick because it needs to be a little lose. Apply to face and neck in a circular motion and do not scrub too hard. Rinse with warm water pat face dry and use a good moisturizer to face and neck area.

These are a few simple little tricks to try. I hope you found this handy and if you have any style/Lifestyle questions please feel free to email us at: homeoffice_lapazimageing@yahoo.com

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