Monday, April 18, 2011

Sitting in the Pink!


That’s right this Spring and Summer your going to see hot fashionistas’ sporting the pink revolution from nails to lips!! Question, how do you select the right pink for your skin tone and can everyone wear pink?

1st determine if you have a darker skin tone, a light skin tone, or an olive skin tone but, no matter what it’s very important to pick the right shade for a soft natural look.  Here is just a little key to help you on your way for this seasons HOT PINK fashion trend:

Darker skin tone:

The darker your skin the more pigment you can wear- Meaning opt for a darker pink this way it will be more dramatic and won’t be so shocking or pronounced!

Lighter Skin tone:

The lighter your skin stick with hues that are paler without any blue casts, such as pale mauve or a pale rose that will give that kind of blushed you and very sexy and sheer!

Olive skin tone:

Olive complexions should pick darker pinks with a touch of purple, you can go with anything from dark rose to like a black cherry color!

No matter what your favorite color pink is, to really be able to rock this trend it’s all about knowing the correct shades and wearing them just so! Don’t be afraid of going to your favorite store and trying on a few different shades and take someone along with you that will tell you the truth and not just say you look pretty when in all honesty you don’t.  This is your fashion trend report for this seasons HOT S/S trend for 2011.

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