Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hot Fashion Trend for our Gentlemen

I know fellas you thought we forgot all about you guy’s. Never that we love you to much to forget about you all!  We saw a few hot trends this past season that we was hoping would reappear for this season and we are just so happy the one did. Which one is that you’re saying?  The HAT!!  This really got our full vote and we noticed that at the end of last season, that a lot of our gentlemen had taken notice of the hot R&B singer/producer/songwriter NeYo’s look, and started to sport the great Newsboy Fedora and we have to say he really put’s his own sexy style to this look!

NeYo, came out in such a major way with his album “Year of the Gentlemen” and he did just that he gave the okay back to men to be gentlemen.  If you think back to like the 40’s and 50’s men always had their lovely fedora’s on and just paired them with the right accessories or trench coat.  That made us start to think about others that have brought this look into the 21st century and have given it just that edge that all of our guy’s can rock. If you are more conservative, preppy or street there is a look just for you.  I was thinking that two fabulous actors that have very different styles are Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher.  Both of these guy’s have worn the Newsboy caps and they both give off two very different feels.

 When you see a guy wearing a hat sometime it gives just that little something to his outfit and also that edge that pushes him from hum-drum to more of a sexy image.  Even when a woman wears a hat it has some mystery to her, its just the same with a man.  How long did people want to know what LL Cool J looked like without a hat?  Every woman on the plant wanted to know if he was bald or did he have an odd shaped head it was something mad sexy about him and it still works for him!

Now that is a man who knows how to wear a hat! Wow! Anyway, we started think of other well known gentlemen that rock fedora’s and do it with such ease. This next gentlemen coined the phrase that he was bringing “sexy” back and it’s none other than Justin Timberlake (JT).  He has such a great sense of style and being that he has his own clothing line he really knows how to pair this look up. JT can give you the “hat” sexy or when he is rocking more of a casual preppy look which ever he decides to wear he always wears it well!

Now we think of the bad boys how would they rock this look? Most don’t realize that they have a whole other way of rocking this sexy but very stylish trend.  We thought about this and the gentlemen that came to mind had to be Eminem! He had the best way of wearing his Kangol and yes we said Kangol, there is nothing old or my father use to rock this at all.  Eminem brought the fresh style of this fedora company when he made his first appearance after being gone for so long at the MTV Music Awards! Eminem always rocks something very fashion forward be it his hair, clothing or now his hats!

Something very important that we want all of you gentlemen to be mindful of is, knowing your face shape and the size of your head when you’re selecting your hat.  Always make sure you purchase the correct size because you don’t want your hat to be too small or too big for your head.  You want to make sure that this perfect accessory is just that perfect

With that being stated we thought it was important to go over the 4 basic face shapes and what hats compliment each shape:

Round shaped face: To keep your head from looking like a perfect sphere, go for something asymmetrical with a high crown. Try slanting your hats forward and going for neat, clean styles to give your face more angles. That way people won't be tempted to use your head as a crystal ball. You don’t want to make yourself look like a basketball so this hat pictured here would be great for a gentlemen who has a fuller face and plump cheeks.

Oval shaped face: You oval face gents look good in almost any hat. Just make sure to pull the hat correctly over your forehead and tilt it on different sides. I don't have many tips for the oval faces because they can pull of so many great hats that it makes all jealous over their perfectly shaped faces.


Square Shaped Face: Go for a hat that has a wider brim… Go wide or go home is the best thing we can tell you.  You don’t want something with a stingy brim because it is going to make your face seem wider than it really is. Think of Brad Pitt because he has a square shaped face and always rocks a great wide brimmed hat

Long shaped face: You need sharp, clean styles more like Justin Timberlake. Wear it straight and forward to cut the length of your face.  Also, you should wear a wide brims with low crowns, hats that cover your forehead will also look sleek, stylish and mysterious.

We really enjoyed bringing this article to our gentlemen and we always want to make sure you gentlemen know what is in style and how to rock the look of the season.  Stay close guy’s cause we have more to come!


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